Body in the Bayou


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All she wanted was a job….

Unlucky Lizzy, as she’s called by those who know of her close relationship with misfortune, is headed to Sinful, Louisiana, to get her life back on track. But a missed bus, a squished sandwich, and screeching tires mark her dramatic entry into the world of Gertie, Ida Belle, and CIA-assassin-in-hiding Fortune “Sandy-Sue Morrow” Redding.

When Lizzy reveals the nature of the job she’s on her way to take up at a big, lonely, old house, the three Sinful ladies become suspicious, especially as Lizzy hints that she’s learned something creepy about her new boss and says that he wants her to keep everything hush-hush.

Things only get worse when the group arrives at the house, as Fortune discovers a body in the bayou, at the back of the compound. A string of revelations and further events send off alarm bells for Fortune, prompting the Swamp Team 3 to spring into action. Will they be able to act fast enough to save the life of a newcomer to Sinful who’s clueless about the imminent danger that looms?

Lizzy narrates this hilarious, breezy adventure which is chock-full of twists and turns that promise to take you by surprise.

The events in “Body in the Bayou” take place between books six and seven in Jana

Deleon’s Miss Fortune Mystery Series.


About the Author:

Canadian scribbler Morgan Draper has been writing since childhood. Morgan spent many, many years in the gritty world of print journalism, and has run away from it to now follow a life-long dream of being a novelist. When not tapping away on the keyboard, Morgan can be found fishing, hiking, cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, or doing pretty much anything that involves the great Canadian outdoors.

Q & A with Morgan Draper

Q: How would you describe “Body in the Bayou”?

Morgan: It’s a cozy murder mystery that takes place in the world created by Jana Deleon, author of the Miss Fortune Mystery Series. It imagines the thrills and spills that follow when Fortune and the Geritol Mafia become acquainted with a stranger nicknamed Unlucky Lizzy, who thinks of herself as a magnet for disaster. It’s a quick, fun read.

Q: Explain how you came to write a book based on Jana’s series.

Morgan: Jana dreamed up the delightful town of Sinful, Louisiana, and populated it with a wonderful mix of oddball characters. Jana has generously opened up her world and invited other authors to use her characters and setting as a base to explore their creativity and come up with their own stories. I had a blast with these characters and wish to thank Jana for the opportunity to play in the Sinful sandbox.

Q: Why do you think readers should spend time with these characters?

Morgan: Despite appearances, these women are sassy, intelligent, and deadly when they need to be. But there’s also a tender vulnerability evident as they grapple with their romantic side. And it’s easy to get caught up in their growing friendships. They don’t back away from trouble, and when they get together, you can be sure that quite a romp will follow. In this novella, Fortune displays the toughness of a trained CIA-assassin that Jana Deleon breathed into her, and she also has a some of the characteristics of an amateur woman sleuth in the Agatha Christie mold.

Q: Is “Body in the Bayou” a one-off or will you be returning to Sinful in another novella?

Morgan: Shortly, I’ll be launching a political thriller series that leans towards the hardboiled. It’s delightful to escape from that and have some fun with a quick, light read. I love to laugh, and the world could certainly do with more humor. So, yes, there’ll absolutely be more adventures with Unlucky Lizzy mixing up her kind of crazy with the gang from Sinful.

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